A simple, cross-database facade over .Net 2.0 DbProviderFactories to read database metadata.

Any ADO provider can be read (SqlServer, SqlServer CE 4, MySQL, SQLite, System.Data.OracleClient, ODP, Devart, PostgreSql, DB2, Intersystems Cache, Ingres...) into a single standard model.

There are utilities and two simple UI projects demonstrating how to use the model:

* View all data from any provider
* Generate POCO classes for tables, and NHibernate mapping files
* Generate simple ADO classes to use stored procedures
* Generate table DDL (and translate to another SQL syntax, eg SqlServer to Oracle or SQLite)
* Generate CRUD stored procedures (for SqlServer, Oracle, MySQL, DB2)
* Copy a database schema and data from any provider (SqlServer, Oracle etc) to a new SQLite database (and, with limitations, to SqlServer CE 4)
* Compare two schemas to generate a migration script

This is intended to be a tool for developers who use simple persistence databases on different platforms. It does not know advanced and provider-specific data types and concepts (geometry, tablespaces, enums). For database specific support, use your database admin UI, schema comparison or conversion tools.




UI Documentation

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